Bundling off...

Almost a pity to unwrap them, isn´t it...

This one´s my recent September Leaves in the making.
Lotta over at Inleaf is doing a weekly bundle project
(2. week already), and I think it´s a fine idea and am
going to go along with it - there are several experiments
on my agenda, for example with these...

And isn´t this lovely, too...

And here´s something which turned out rather nicely
I think: tea, iron, grapes on natural silk...

Less impact on white cotton, but nice, too...

A piece of the natural silk is in my latest fabric pack
- September Sun and Storm

As I said: I´m going along with Lotta and her bundles -
but not on a weekly base, really, because...

I will be reducing blogging considerably from now
on - I´ve come to realize that I´m loosing interest
in it, and that it takes up too big a portion of my
time and energy...
So, expect to find something new here about twice
a month in the time to come. Fresh wares in the shop
will be announced between posts in the "New in the shop"
photo and link in the sidebar - and I might be offering
a newsletter - there´s a mailing list concerning new
fabric packs already, but I´d like to expand this
into a broader means of communication, if some of you´d
be interested. More about that another time - for now:



September leaves

Bundle dyed with vine leaves, and - helping nature
along, in another kind of mixed media approach one
might say - machine embroidered with leaves...
They´re in the shop.