At the press of a button

Another attempt at advanced button use...
On the occasion of the felt-plus-buttons-object-brooch
from last friday Susan at ArtSpark Theatre suggested
to place buttons in a nest of washer-frayed fabrics
(which appeals to me a lot as long as others do it,
Robin at Rough around the Edges for example...)

But the nestbuilding virus had settled, a flowery nest
was constructed - and, to proof I can be brave, a little
burning of edges was done (not again, don´t think so -
what an unpleasant smell, fabric burning...)

With buttons, the thing looked coochi-poochi, so I
added some fabric bubbles (and one small old cotton
button) instead...

8 Kommentare:

ArtSparker hat gesagt…

a sort of tidepool nest.

jude hat gesagt…

this is just so safe feeling.

patricia hat gesagt…

beautiful nested objects in another object!

Anonym hat gesagt…

A crown and a wheel of a carriage. (It is probably good that I don't know what "coochi poochi" means, already regarding the last button brooch I wanted to comment "I like ladylike")
After overcoming the first hesitations I like burning, esp. because it is just a little dangerous and uncontrollable.

Deb G hat gesagt…

I was thinking barnacles.

gerfiles hat gesagt…

The fabric bubbles do feel rather safe in there I guess (perhaps buttons wouldn´t... - coochi poochi is a term Kinky Friedman used quite a lot in his novels (perhaps he invented it...), it means boasting, puffed up, parvenu I guess... - I´d have nothing against the risky part of fabric burning, but the stink, the stink... - and I didn´t know the word barnacle - do you mean the mussel...?

Deb G hat gesagt…

Barnacles are different than mussels, but they are similar. Pictures here:

I agree about stinky fabric burning.

Robin Olsen hat gesagt…

I'm catching up on your work after being away for a while, and this really popped out at me. Then I laughed to see I was mentioned in your post--I guess this one would be my taste. You put a very nice spin on the frayed edged tufts. I especially like the looseness of them combined with the little tight bubbles.