Good reasons for coming back

Hello there, I'm back...

Meanwhile I've relocated myself and the Gerdiary headquarters to a quieter, greener part of Berlin.

One of the several good things about the change is that
it's more inviting now to pick up random leaves and bits
for dyeing...

I have a small collection of cotton squares already, bundle
dyed with finds from neighbourhood walks...

About the supply shop: I will start offering dyed fabrics for
sale again in the near future – but not at Etsy any more, as I
find their new ways beyond acceptable. So the shop will be
back at Bigcartel, I guess.
More about the where and when another time...

There's some stitching, too. I'm exploring ways to combine
hand and machine stitch in a form that suits me.
Though now in the suburbs, I'm not restfull enough for hand
stitching only – and my eyes tell me no, too...

"Have a very good reason for everything you do."
(Sir Laurence Olivier, born May 22, 1907)