Me too...

I have started a new series of stitched pieces.
I call it "Absent fields" – it's about living in
the city, longing for open landscapes...

The one shown in the middle is more or less
finished, the one on the right halfway done,
and the one on the left just developing.

I need solitude.
I need space.
I need air.
I need the empty fields round me;
and my legs pounding along roads;
and sleep;
and animal existence.

(Virginia Woolf, from the "Diaries")


Stitch books

I've made a selection of stitch books -
to collect precious scraps, or for embroidery samples.
The covers come from an old coffee sack,
they are dyed with windfall leaves...

"Art evokes the mystery without which the world
would not exist."

(René Magritte, born Nov. 21, 1898)