Muster-Lob - patterns and progress

"In the dream I´m alone. But I´m not just alone: I am the only one alive in the world at this time. I am making a row of rocks in the middle of a dirt road. I am doing this to mark the way for someone who will come later. I have to make sure that the rocks are close enough together to indicate a trail so that those who come later will be able to follow my progress and find me.
Carefully I place the rocks equal distances apart so that the trail will be easy to follow. Then it occurs to me that this regularity is monotonous. I decide to make an irregular pattern that will be interesting for those who will find it. I begin to place the rocks unequal distances apart, choosing each distance at random, without conscious repetition.
As I work I become excited. The pattern is complicated, now quickening its rhythm, now stretching out in long, sweeping, repeating intervals. Those who follow me will quicken their pace, eagerly, appreciating the subtle nuances of my design.
I continue, knowing instinctively just what to do, certain that the pattern is beautiful and that it accurately portrays my own progress. I am completely happy. Before this I have not been happy, but now I know what happiness is."

(Marilyn Krysl: We Are Ready, 1988 - for more from and about M.K., see linklist Literarisches)

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