Samstags-Lob * (7)

"Well, the next time you go to the circus
Where the Wallendas walk on the wire
Here's a tale for you to remember
When the white horses leap rings of fire.

It was a cold night in Oklahoma
And the show was about to begin
And the animals they were all restless
When the star horse she breaks from her pen.

She was a mare of high spirit
Like a hooker on Saturday night
And kickin' and buckin' past the men that were brushin'
The elephants down for the night.
Well, next to the tent sat a lantern
Dangerously close to the hay
And that mare headed straight for that lantern
Some fool had left there by mistake.

Well and up jumps this Indian cowboy
And his lasso went whirlin' through the air
In the full dead middle of the danger
He ropes that runaway mare

Well, the elephants raised up their trumpets
And two of them broke from their chains
And stampeded that Indian cowboy
That had saved the big top from flames.
So if you ever go out to the circus
Where the Wallendas walk on the wire
Remember that Indian cowboy
When the white horses leap rings of fire."

(Townes Van Zandt: Indian Cowboy)

* What´s it all about?
Well, I´ve been on not too friendly terms with saturdays for years - they´re ruled by Saturn, what else is there to say ...
So I began collecting Saturday-stories, focussing on those which don´t belittle the fact that saturdays are somewhat problematic days - when people don´t know what to do with themselves, feeling used and senseless (1); when they go for afternoon walks, smiling at each other´s pagan faces (2); when it seems to be best to keep sitting in your armchair, waiting which leg will go to sleep first (3); when everyone but you has got a date (4); when people contemplate suicide, mutilate flies, and forget small children behind when they go out to the pictures (5); when the least thing you want is a date (6); when horses and elephants break free and brave men meet their untimely deaths (7); when the trains are crowded and you miss your tram (next week) ... - nevertheless calling my collection "Saturday praise".
I can highly recommend the method - I´m quite enjoying myself on saturdays lately ...

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