Labyrinth doodle...

...and a batch of eye pillows I
made for a friend´s yoga school

"inky blue sex
inky blue sex
I opened my eyes way up wide &
still all I could see
was inky blue sex
all around me

you turned into
an animal
I was happy not to get involved
I was focusing my purity
I just lay back & watched you
become a bull

at first I thought you were
a horse
or let's be clear about this a horse god
filled your body for a while
then I realized no
it was a bull

even if it was
a horse god
that would be the wrong image
or a bull god since in any case
you turned into
the animal itself

your breath so fierce
through your nostrils
that I might have assumed that if passion
were pain then you there anguished
as you came apart
were released of pain

there was enough starlight
to fill the world
& yet there was only you
only you gone godly
it was the inkiest of plummets
& I tremored

in the labyrinth
of our limbs
all our dreams got tangled &
the wind beat down vast fields in sleep
flank quiver come
to me come to me

who issues thus from this
chewing that claggy blood
in the heart of the maze?
his name is Asterion he has never seen
the sky at night he smells starlight
& distant apple groves"

(Luke Davies: Pasiphae to Taurus)

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Eva hat gesagt…

These labyrinths would make very convincing embroidery patterns! Great idea.