Pillow Talk

A while ago Jude at Spiritcloth postet
about a pillow she´d made. That had me
realize I have made a few pillows by now
as gifts, but none for myself (except
State of mind, which seems to be rapidly
moving away from being pillowly) -
so I´m making this one:

"Not for nothing
are we given at least as much
sense as God gave a goose,
which we have no access to, sensewise.
We don’t speak goose
nor recognize what body language
there may be in a body
which is mostly neck and dollop.
But down, now there is something
to build dreams on.
We have recourse
and in the morning the feathered snow
will have come and closed the roads.
Linger. Leave off."

(Michael Chitwood: Take Comfort Where You Can)


Eva hat gesagt…

The quilting continues the print pattern! This is so clever, I wish I had invented that. And it looks great!

jenclair hat gesagt…

Love the cording! I've also been enjoying your winter poems. This one may be my favorite.

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks. Eva - I surely didn´t invent it... Jenclair - mine is Why is the Color of Snow, I think...

Paula Hewitt hat gesagt…

Like Eva - i like the way the quilting continues the lines of the pattern. i think i will do some of this on my nine-patches. :)

jude hat gesagt…

very soothing in its curvy connectedness. i call this ghosting.

ger hat gesagt…

"Ghosting" is great - it was something like that I was wanting to do, without seeing it clearly at the time, and without having the word for it...