Snow on balcony

(compensation for yesterday´s colour orgy...)

"The mind is like a richly woven tapestry in
which the colors are distilled from the experiences
of the senses, and the design drawn from the
convolutions of the intellect."

(Carson McCullers, born Febr. 19, 1917)


Eva hat gesagt…

Wenn das dritte Bild um 180 Grad gedreht wird, ergibt es eine tolle Landschaft.

ger hat gesagt…

Das stimmt (aber die Bildbearbeitung gehört nicht zu meinen Talenten...)

ArtSparker hat gesagt…

Reminds me of a closed eye, possibly with dreams of Spring going on underneath.

Even without rotating it 180 degrees.

Threadspider hat gesagt…

A like that quote lots.

ger hat gesagt…

That´s quite a poetic thougt, about the eye... as if of some big soft creature, slowly surfacing from hibernation - and yes, it´s a poetic quote, too. A great author, CMM, and an interesting person, I think...