Tea time with voices

Longer days already - nearly 5.30 and
still some light - blue hour...
Good time to sit back, glas of tea in
hand, and have a look what other people
are up to.
For a visit with german writers, each
of them reading 10 pages from their
novels, go to www.zehnseiten.de (it´s all
in German...)
At www.iseevoices.com (strictly English...)
there are all kinds of "people on topics" -
watch, for example, director Wim Wenders on
"speed", or Berlin-based musician Raz Ohara
on "isolation", while frozen rain hammers
on his umbrella...


Threadspider hat gesagt…

Blue hour indeed-and yes, it is so good to see the days lengthening now.I'm happy to share a glass or a cup of tea with you and check out your links. Can I share this with you too..

I love to hear poets reading their own works.

ger hat gesagt…

That´s a good one, too. Thanks, Judith...