Thrift store spring wardrobe*

* plus new shoes...

Berlin`s a city which is - as it´s mayor,
Klaus Wowereit, is fond of stating - "poor
but sexy"... I´d prefer poor but stylish.

The sort of individual welldressedness one
rarely has the pleasure seeing around here
(and which does not depend on money...)
is featured at Advanced Style, a wonderful,
funny and inspiring site which is giving
"proof from the wizened and silver-haired set
that personal style advances with age"...
Ha, ha


Anonym hat gesagt…

Where do you unearth these beautiful pieces which form to a unique style? I remember that last summer I adored your white blouses.
Very elegant and distinguished without being to severe. Just cool - and definitely nothing for the advanced style site.

Threadspider hat gesagt…

I think of Berlin as being the Queen of Style!
Great finds and I love the Advanced style link.It made me smile.

jeanne herself hat gesagt…

those shoes are just too cha-cha for words. as for the advanced style link . . . in which direction, would one say they are they advancing;)