Lay, Lady, Lay

Yesterday Jude at Spirit Cloth posted
some lovely thoughts about one of the privileges
of aging (NO, not being slowed down by arthrosis -
being able to witness decay in a calm and constructive

Talking about aging - even the Cloth Creatures
seem to be growing up lately.
Please meet this new Cloth Lady:

"... Lay, lady, lay, lay across my big brass bed
Stay, lady, stay, stay while the night is still ahead
I long to see you in the morning light
I long to reach for you in the night
Stay, lady, stay, stay while the night is still ahead"

(Bob Dylan: Lay, Lady, Lay)


ArtSparker hat gesagt…

She has a medieval look.

ger hat gesagt…

Right! I was reading a story about minnesongs the other day - it oozes into it somehow...

Joei Rhode Island hat gesagt…

She also has a knowing look....something you get only after experience.

jude hat gesagt…

maybe she has been around for a very long time and has just materialized.

ger hat gesagt…

I like the idea of her being a (experienced) visitor from way back...

Robin Olsen hat gesagt…

She is lovely. I like the gray shadows around her features--something I can relate to. And I adore your youngsters too!

ger hat gesagt…

Thank you... And the youngsters have their kinds of shadows, too - there´s one which reminds me of my late grandmother, Helene