Rainy thursday

The labyrinth on it´s way to completion...

"Time in becomes time out. Group anxieties become
personal doubt. Expressing ourselves in dots dots
and dashes. Pure cocaine and false eyelashes.
Living inside words that seem to lie. Living inside
excuses that pass us by. Living inside loneliness
becomes a high. Living gets mixed up with wanting to die.
A daily question of going insane while tormenting one
another trying to ease the strain.
Dreaming of tomorrows we'd like to know.
Repressing our thoughts while trying to grow.
The heart and soul are not involved.
Idle chatter becomes reality while problems go unsolved.
Prearranged. Prefabricated and preconditioned.
We're baptised, advertised and posthumously mentioned.
Weaned and groomed for the glory of applause.
Living off the mercy of unwritten laws.
Shell shocked patrons making peace with God, while
admiring the acrobatics of a junky's nod.
Turned into robots through the power of suggestion.
We seek an answer and become the question.
Afraid we might die before we live.
Blessed with life but then afraid to give. We want to be
amorous, glamorous and larger than life.
Our cheap illusions become high priced strife.
Losing ourselves in times of despair. Becoming self defeatists
of unusual flair. We rush toward the beginning that might be
the end. We sit in the darkness and try to pretend.
Pointing fingers while our insides bleed.
Committing suicide to fulfill a need.
Highly intelligent in a very low way.
We speak of existing but have nothing to say.
We touch religion and make it seem like hell.
But then we touch unholy dreams and wish them well.
Faith is replaced with apathy and grief.
Indifference is made acceptable and then a belief . Our left
eyes all glitter while our right are blind.
We submit to this madness and hope it is kind (...)"

(Umar Bin Hassan: Personal Things)


jude hat gesagt…

looking forward to seeing the whole thing.

ger hat gesagt…

Thank you - coming soon...