Second Hand Rose

Feeling tired and clumsy yesterday
evening, but still in the mood for a
fresh stitch, I got out a pile of out of
use sweaters and pyjama pants, cut some rectangles,
sew them together...

...and added a rose. Looks quite good -
considering that some of the discarded
clothes were already bought second hand...
I think I´m going to make a full size blanket
that way - fine project for times of

"Father has a business strictly second hand
Everything from toothpicks to a baby-grand
Stuff in our apartment came from fathers store
Even things Im wearing someone wore before
Its no wonder that I feel abused
I never get a thing that aint been used

Im wearing second hand hats
Second hand clothes
Thats why they call me
Second hand rose

Even our piano in the parlor
Father bought for ten cents on the dollar
Second hand pearls
Im sick of second hand curls
I never get a single think thats new
Even jake, the plumber, hes a man I adore
Had the nerve to tell me hes been married before!

Everyone knows that Im just
Second hand rose
From second avenue!
From second avenue! nu!

One more time!
Everyone knows that Im just
Second hand rose
(from second avenue!)
From what?
Lets see if you know the fills!
Once while strooling
Through the ritz a girl got my goat...
(she nudged her friend
And said oh look there goes
My old fur coat)
You dont need me!

Everyone knows that Im just
Second hand rose
From second avenue!
(ya cant beat the egg-creams!)
Good! second avenue!
(there is more between me
And fifth avenue, I tell ya)
Right! second avenue!"

(Barbra Streisand: Second Hand Rose)


ArtSparker hat gesagt…

there is some comfort in those cloud-soft grays.

Anonym hat gesagt…

wonderful rose. i havent done much recycling of clothes into anything attractive. anything wearable gets passed on, the rest I turn into rags. i have enough cleaning cloths to last three generations now, so i think you have inspried me to do something more creative with them.

jude hat gesagt…

love the softness here, are these wool?

ger hat gesagt…

It can indeed grow into a comfort giving thing I think, a cuddle blanket...
- and I actually retrieved a t-shirt from a shoe cleaning rag depot for it...
- it´s mostly cotton flannel, and the striped parts were a cotton/viscose sweater - but the wool virus has reached B. already, Jude, today a friend gave me a nice piece of brown wool fabric, a curtain leftover, and I thought: aha...

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hooray for wool!

That looks so soft and lovely, like a cloud....