Old Blue Eye, or: Blue is the scarf spring wears on her shoulder


... the embroidered patch beside the glass
fragment comes from this old kitchen curtain,
I imitated some of it below.
And the eye not only looks sleepy, but
sort of sophisticated...

"Blue is the color of the sky
Without a cloud
Cool, distant, beautiful
and proud.
Blue is the quiet sea
And the eyes of some people,
And many agree
As they grow older and older
Blue is the scarf Spring wears on her shoulder.
Blue is twilight
shadows on snow,
Blue is feeling way down low.
Blue is a heron,
A sapphire ring,
You can smell blue in many a thing:

Gentian and Larkspur, Forget-me-nots, too.
And if you listen
You can hear blue
In wind over water
And wherever flax blooms
And when evening steps into
Lonely rooms.
Cool is blue:

Flame shot from a welding torch Is, too:
Hot, wild, screaming, blistering Blue—
And on winter mornings
The dawns are blue..."

(Mary O´Neill, from: Hailstones and
Halibut Bones - with thanks to Deb G
for bringing it to my attention...)


ArtSparker hat gesagt…

I think that might be the Mona Lisa's eye - this is one of my favorites. So complete in its fragments. Deb G. seems like a Reliable Source in the poetry department.

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks, Susan... Mona Lisa, I don´t know - I somehow imagine a cigarette dangling from unseen lips (but perhaps she DID smoke...)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Your welcome! Your work illustrates it so nicely.

jenclair hat gesagt…

Love it! And the line from the poem you used for the title of your post!

jeanne herself hat gesagt…

nice piece. i do love blue. such a versatile color that allows room for so many possibilities . . .

ger hat gesagt…

Thank you... It actually never occured to me before reading that poem that spring might be a female, but´s a very convincing concept... - room for possibilities, yes, amd not only visible and hearable ones...