Robber Bird/Furoshiki

A blackbird, coming back several times
to steal soil (or is it mould?) from the
balcony. She had the decency
to take it from empty pots - seemingly
empty, that is: I´d buried sprouting potatoes
in them, vain attempt at urban
agricultural self-supply...

Yesterday I made a miniature furoshiki,
following this very pleasant tutorial -
and Jude´s advice for stress relief through
mismatched thread (didn´t work too well
though, got annoyed about the binding...)

I wanted to give this double seam method a
try, which allows patchwork without backing
(but definitely prefer multilayered work...)


Threadspider hat gesagt…

The blackbird is thanking you for providing nest material, I have no doubt. The avian equivalent of making furoshiki cloth. Lovely link to that tutorial.

jeanne herself hat gesagt…

we planted squash in a deck pot, and the squirrels found it before we'd gotten back inside to fetch the watering can.

jude hat gesagt…

a small brown bird swooped down and stole some red embroidery thread from my sewing basket. i didn't get a picture. that will be some nest!
i like all the yarn dyed plaids you are using. and interesting method of hiding those seams. cool.

ger hat gesagt…

Blackbirds, brown birds, squirrels on the raid... we certainly can learn from them, in matters of self-assertion (and only long for their avian abilities...)

ArtSparker hat gesagt…

Have you seen bower bird nests? remarkable structures. And it seems to me I saw a nature program once about a bird that collected round things to impress potential mates.

ger hat gesagt…

Googled bower bird (Laubenvogel in German, different kinds: Dreiganglaubenvogel = three gear l., Braunbauchlaubenvogel = brown belly l....) Amazing. There are photos of them, collecting blue plastic water bottles for nest decoration, same blue as the female birds eyes... This is very nicely developing into a veritable ornithological debate...