These two (about 27 x 27 cm each) are,
for a change, 100% machinesewn und -quilted

It´s different. It´s quick.
I like them. But...
(Lack of soul?)

"Nothing touches like tan velvet touches
the palm. Now the cracks come, because what gives
without taking?—Doesn't exist. Say

you forget what is lanolin, what is raw about fleece
uncarded & unwashed. Say the silver feel
of charmeuse lines your sleep. You've lost

what there was before pins & needles, sound
a scissors makes through cloth on a hardwood floor,
thick waist of the dressmaker's dummy. Don't tell me

any more. Without Burano lace, without cinnabar
strung on a cuff, shantung and satin and netting and swiss:
no rich man, no camel, no needle's threatening eye."

(Éireann Lorsung: Dressmaker)


ArtSparker hat gesagt…

I loved the Burano Lace Museum - so quiet and humble compared to the more noisy glass, like a secret. There was a piece in the front that had a path made out of lace, with people along it, which stays with me.

ger hat gesagt…

Haven´t been aware that Burano is the island where beside Burano lace Murano glas is made, and that Burano lace is the same as Venetian needlepoint (just googled it...)

Wanna Play? hat gesagt…

Ich habe zufällig diese Bilder auf flickr entdeckt.

Diese beiden Bilder haben mich gefangen.
Danke für die Veröffentlichung.

ger hat gesagt…

Das freut mich, Nina...

Robin Olsen hat gesagt…

They are still lovely being machine stitched. And what a wonderful poem to go with them. I just saw Valentino--The Last Emperor, and it reminds me of that beautiful couture work.

jude hat gesagt…

still looks good, you have a knack.

Threadspider hat gesagt…

I like them too-as you say, different, but still recognisably your work, and with a soul.Lovely poem.

ger hat gesagt…

Machine stitching actually can be fun (I don´t drive a car, so it might be the only chance for a little speed intoxication...)