A Calmer...

...made from a piece of a thrift-store
table runner with the pattern half gone

"All day all over the city every person
Wanders a different city, sealed intact
And haunted as the abandoned subway stations
Under the city. Where is my alley doorway?

Stone gable, brick escarpment, cliffs of crystal.
Where is my terraced street above the harbor,
Café and hidden workshop, house of love?
Webbed vault, tiled blackness. Where is my park, the path

Through conifers, my iron bench, a shiver
Of ivy and margin birch above the traffic?
A voice. There is a mountain and a wood
Between us — one wrote, lovesick — Where the late

Hunter and the bird have seen us. Aimless at dusk,
Heart muttering like any derelict,
Or working all morning, violent with will,
Where is my garland of lights? My silver rail?"

(Robert Pinsky:City Elegies/The Day Dreamers)


jude hat gesagt…

calm seems to be less and less over here. but you have inspired me....

ger hat gesagt…

Well, it isn´t all as it looks like here too... but as long as I´m inspiring you + you´re inspiring me :)

ArtSparker hat gesagt…

Lovely. Before I read the verse, I was thinking that the little shadow cast in the first photo looked like a the figure of a woman walking.

ger hat gesagt…

I see her now, too...

Chrisy hat gesagt…

The art piece and this verse marry so well together...thank you...

Threadspider hat gesagt…

I see the little lady too.It's a beautiful piece.