She does not know how to shiver...

A Cloth Lady (a peacefully sleeping beauty,who does
not even fear the Jabberwock, whatever it might be...)

To me, the fears in line 1,2,4 (!), 10 -
and, well, sometimes even 12, sound reasonable

"I fear the vast dimensions of eternity.
I fear the gap between the platform and the train.
I fear the onset of a murderous campaign.
I fear the palpitations caused by too much tea.

I fear the drawn pistol of a rapparee.
I fear the books will not survive the acid rain.
I fear the ruler and the blackboard and the cane.
I fear the Jabberwock, whatever it might be.

I fear the bad decisions of a referee.
I fear the only recourse is to plead insane.
I fear the implications of a lawyer's fee.

I fear the gremlins that have colonized my brain.
I fear to read the small print of the guarantee.
And what else do I fear? Let me begin again."

(Ciaran Carson: Fear)


ArtSparker hat gesagt…

Yup. The hazards of having a vivid imagination/being a creative type.

Deb G hat gesagt…

Too elegant to shiver....

jude hat gesagt…

i'm shivering....

Anonym hat gesagt…

The palpitations caused by too much tea I fear no more -
seit ich Tee nach der Samowar-Methode trinke. One reasonable fear less.

notmassproduced hat gesagt…

i like those words but they do make me feel a bit wobbly!

the doll is great and definately peaceful.