Monsters take shape in passing

Have been writing (lines from poems I recently featured
here) with black marker on white cotton, then tea-dyed it...

I like how the writing slightly rubbed off,
creating some kind of echo words...

Now I´m cutting and re-arranging it...

"Aus schwarzem Wasser
ein paar Funken. Ungeheuer
nehmen Gestalt an im Vorübergehen
schreiten als Funktürme
ferne dahin. Ich bin allein
im Gespräch mit den Bäumen
über verlorene Menschen:
Was sind das für monologische Zeiten!
Ehe ich mich umdrehen kann
erlischt hinter meinem Rücken
die Stadt. Stümpfe
bleiben zurück die am Morgen
völlig wächsen aussehen.
An die ich nicht mehr
die Gedanken zu legen wage
saumselig durchstandener Sehnsucht

(Günter Kunert: Abend am Lietzensee/
Evening at Lietzensee)

Out of black water
some sparks. Monsters
take shape in passing
walk, as radio towers,
along in the distance. I am alone
in conversation with the trees
about lost ones:
How soliloquizing these times are!
Before I can turn around
behind my back
the city is extinguished.
Stumps remain, looking
very waxen in the morning.
To which I don´t dare
apply thoughts any more
by reason of negligently
seen through yearning.

The Lietzensee is just around the corner
from here (wished I could be there "alone
in conversations with the trees", though...)
In the background you can see the radio tower
mentioned in the poem.


arlee hat gesagt…

What a fabulous effect! Love the experimentation and looking forward to seeing what you do with this

jude hat gesagt…

oh no! i have been doing the same thing for a new coma cloth. we are getting some sort of similar waves from somewhere. but mine was not poetry. just a journal. with other stuff mixed in. it's a secret. of course when you rearrange it it stays that way anyway. i buried in the compost so i can't show you right now.

ger hat gesagt…

Hi, Arlee! thanks for visiting... There´s more experimentation going on elsewhere, have you seen...?

Why oh no, Jude? Oh yeah...! Writing down the poem parts got me thinking - why not use my own words, indeed? So I might start writing again, for that purpose (nothing to show yet, too, still buried in the compost of my mind...)

Deb G hat gesagt…

Words and poems and songs always seem to creep into whatever I do. This is a fun way of including language. It's a powerful thing.

ger hat gesagt…

Yes, it is...

Jane hat gesagt…

Lovely Idea, we do this to create 'found poems' when I was in college,cut sections from old books, reconstruct, I still do it on ocassion.
I love the idea of the 'echo of words'can't wait to see what you make with it.

ger hat gesagt…

I might try this with old books, too - thanks...

ever jeanne hat gesagt…

i love this - love the way the words remain (even if only as mere whispers of their former selves) when the landscape is changed.

Suschna hat gesagt…

Danke für das Gedicht und das Foto. Wir haben ein ähnliches "Einzugsgebiet" hier in der Stadt, deshalb freue ich mich besonders. Die gestaffelten und gespiegelten Worte finde ich natürlich auch schön, auch den Backprotector weiter oben, und überhaupt. Ich weiß nie, ob ich lieber auf Englisch schreiben soll, aber da dieser Kommentar viel zu spät kommt, ist es wohl egal.