Checkmate, again

This little thing Checkmate reminded me
that I thought of teaching myself chess
with a thrift store book and an old travel
chess set someone gave me last year...

But life seems rather tiresome as it is...

... or isn´t she yawning...?
(seen today in the Botanical Gardens)


ArtSparker hat gesagt…

I always think of the old "yes" song, I see all good people. Unfortunately, the live version on youtube is not kind to the ears.

Deb G hat gesagt…

I think she's saying, "oh I don't know...I think I'll just scoot a little closer."

Great photos!

ger hat gesagt…

- It´s not, I tried... - but did you know there´s a chess version, too?
- Oh I don´t know is what I´m saying most of the time, too... - thanks for the compliment...!