A patch of laughter

A Calmer. There´s a bit from an old book
behind the latticed lace, it says: It is a long

"Wind rips splendor from the trees
and lays it at our feet.
Some of us hungry,

some of us lucky to be upright at all.
Season past sweetness.
Stuck in the throat with a fork.

A speck in the spectrum
spins into a wet little planet
studded with heartlust,

flooded with pamphlets
for classes on how to forget.
Where Keats sees a reaper

asleep on the granary floor,
her scythe set by quietly,
wind playing games

with the husk of her hair,
I see a dead squirrel.
It’s the end of October

and I don’t have a costume.
Past lives clutter my closet
a long way from home.

There’s a hole in the ground
where my house used to be.
A hole in my head

where my heart used to be.
I’m climbing a hillside,
a green patch of laughter."

(Suzanne Buffam: Romantic Interior)


Leslie Avon Miller hat gesagt…

"past lives clutter my closet..."

mine too.

What is a Calmer? I like it!

Threadspider hat gesagt…

Splendour is definitely being laid at our feet- in your beautiful calmer, in the poem and in the leaves on my lawn. Lovely thoughts for a wet Wednesday.

Chris hat gesagt…

I love the art. I love the poem, too. So perfect for right now.

ArtSparker hat gesagt…

Transcendance seems to brief...lovely to have these moments when they come.

Joei Rhode Island hat gesagt…

You must be a voracious reader....so many lovely poems. I particularly like this one.

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks for your comments... The more I look at it, the more I like this poem (I don´t find them in books, by the way, I search for them in the web - the quick availability of literature of all sorts being - besides blogging - one of the blessings of information technology...) What is a Calmer, well, a small, mostly round object, good for nothing much than making me calm while sewing it, and having a similar pleasant effect on others, it seems ... :)

jude hat gesagt…

good to be back, looks like you have been busy all the while.

ger hat gesagt…

Good to see you back... - not the way of busy I´d liked really, kind of slinking along at the periphery...