November day or: Cuffs

Here are a couple of cuffs/ornaments I made,
using some of the turmeric-tea batik I dyed
a while ago...

The machine writing says: To sit, to think,
to sleep, to dream and: Hold on to nothing
too long.

der alles verschlingt:
Jedes Haus, jeden Baum, jeden Strauch.
Ein Kind schreit vom Balkon:
»Bin allein,
endlich allein auf der Welt!«
Und aus dem Nebel die Antwort:
»Ich auch!«"

(Hans Manz: Novembertag/November day)

swallowing up everything.
each house, each tree, each shrub.
A child shouts from a balcony:
"Am alone,
finally all alone in the world!"
And out of the fog the answer:
"Me too!"


ArtSparker hat gesagt…

You and Jude are on the same wavelength today, I think. These cuffs also remind me of fortune cookies.

Love the poem.

jude hat gesagt…

i like the dye effect, it looks like the edges have naturally yellowed with time.

Carolyn hat gesagt…

The cuffs are beautiful little sculptures. I, too, was reminded of fortune cookies. They look like they are holding something, yet they tell you 'Hold onto nothing too long.' Lovely.

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks... I didn´t like that batik dye much at first, but everything´s good for something...

Leslie Avon Miller hat gesagt…

What perfect ornaments. I love things that open and close with a little mystery inside. Perfect November poem.

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks... yes, I like that too, they curl + uncurl, sort of...

Marie hat gesagt…

word cuffs are so much fun.
love the turmeric dye too.
very nice. : )