November time

Here´s a little thing I made last saturday night,
while babysitting...

Just took a few scraps with me, including a tiny
one dyed pinkish, with an old laundry tag, and
a page from an old book...

Wouldn´t have been bad to pack an overnight
bag instead and being

But that doesn´t seem to be on the agenda nowadays...
So what - there are other ways to gain

... stitching being one of them...

Are the days flying by as fast out there as they
do here...?

"There is no time
time is man's skin
it cracks and crackles and shrinks
in life's passing-by
in the fire of being
telling the hours
then letting them be
in the ever reverberating
moment of silence

in the smoking dance
of the evening star and the midnight sun
in the curl of the leaf
in the dove's swiftly
graceful and fluttered
gesture of dying

there is no time
time is the shooting
comet of recall
strewing heaven with the sparks
of stories no one will ever hear again

time's my love for you
the lizard movements
in your body that come and go
to fill the hollows
with the fire of telling
those many faces of departure

there is no time
just the pulse of the heart
as pain under eye-shells

just the emptied tell-skin
of this poem
splotched and measured
by cancer words of forgetting
like lizard shit"

(Breyten Breytenbach: There is no time)


jude hat gesagt…

time is flying, stitching is a time keeper. i think next year will be the year of the keeper for me.

ger hat gesagt…

... which makes me think another pool thing like Crazy Quilting Rev. would be nice, for keeping + for revisiting other traditional patterns perhaps...?

handandspiritstudio hat gesagt…

yes the days are flying here as well.

i like this very much. especially the book pages peeking through.

ArtSparker hat gesagt…

This poem has a similar feel and imagery to Wallace Stevens'
"Le Monocle de Mon Oncle"




It should we with you any day ;o). Hope you think it's worth the wait!

Carolyn x

Robin Olsen hat gesagt…

Love the delicate glimpses into secret meanings. Yes, I agree--I'd love to do another Crazy Quilt Revisited type pool. After the holidays, when time doesn't fly by as fast.

art spirit hat gesagt…

I Love all your little quilts...such beautiful stitching!
So soft and peaceful...

Deb G hat gesagt…

Yes so very fast...

Robin Olsen hat gesagt…

I like the little hints of meaning that poke out here. I'd love to play in another round of something like Crazy Quilt Revisited! After the holidays, when time slows down.

Chrissie hat gesagt…

What a relaxing way to pass the time - such beautiful results. I've got a real thing about laundry tags ... don't ask me why, I just love them!

ArtPropelled hat gesagt…

A surprise to see a poem by Breyten Breytenbach, a fellow South African. Your work is intriguing. All the little surprises, stitchings, patches and words. I love the soft neutrals throughout your blog.

ger hat gesagt…

Thank you...