It´s a long way...

Have been spending some time with the WAY
long cloth - here are a few impressions of
how it looks by now...

Stage 1...

... 2...

... 3...

... and backside

"It has always seemed to me that neutral
things would help us
if only we could hear
the eloquence
of their dumb ministry.

What is it that these things of the world do?
They submit,
and they endure.
They flourish. They don’t ask for anything.

They simply take what is given.
They flourish,
all at once, where it had seemed they
were merely enduring.
Everything can touch them.

We are searching for the world,
amongst this diversity
of existence,
that has formed itself so loosely
in a ramshackle system.

While our lives, one can see, are
just a routine sacrifice,
consumed and forgotten,
off somewhere to one corner
in the courts of the sun.

What can last? Only what we have made
and hand on
amongst ourselves, that is withering in our hands,
but never known without us.

So we take the dark roads
in beautiful clothing, greeting each other;
sorry for the void
that cannot see what we’ve become.

(Robert Gray: Annotation)


ArtSparker hat gesagt…

The first part reminds me of the Bible's "Consider the Lilies of the Field". The cloth reminds me of "Never-ending story".

jenclair hat gesagt…

I love seeing work in stages! What a beautiful, peaceful, slow cloth!

Anonym hat gesagt…

When I enlarge the pictures I always see unexpected stitches and beautiful surprises. The little square pieces are delightful. This little cloth will definitely have a story to tell...love the words at the end.

Deb G hat gesagt…

It's turning out very well. Love the poem...

jacque v. hat gesagt…

love all the bits...it would be great to see it done!

ger hat gesagt…

... they neither toil nor spin - that´s the one not too pleasant thing about stitching, less time to rest one´s hands + just be growing... this (not so very little = 1,60 m) cloth will get done, though (+ shown again on the way...) - thanks for commenting...

Clare Wassermann hat gesagt…

very beautiful and peaceful x

ger hat gesagt…

Thank you, Clare...

Amelia hat gesagt…

lovely, lovely work!


jude hat gesagt…

i see you are engaged in long cloth. little squares can build a lovely path. yes.