What is a square.

I caught the little squares virus a while ago, and
it´s going to be chronical...

... because, as Jude pointed out in a comment on last
sunday´s long cloth post, "little squares can build a
lovely path" - and because they´re rather irresistible...
I don´t do them with paper, just cutting them from one
template, thumb ironing the seem allowances.

And I´m in the mood for neutrals (no big surprise
here), with BLUE...

"She cooked and seized.
Cooked and seized
She cooked and seized.
Cooked and seized.
Bridle is paths.
Just as about a path
Just as a path
Just as a path.
It makes no difference whether four
Ate one.
Sum to sum.
Our adding is more hours.
Ate one
Just as well ate one
Just as well eight one
Just as well eight
One just as well
Eight one.
How much are they like me
After walked.
Before walked
He made her talk
To have her
After walked
And leave a walk
Leave walk
Or leave her leave walked.
It is an error
Join me
With observation
She may be
Our hour glass
Which we sought
And have not bought
For our hour be
Be an hour for me.
Such is sought
And here bought
For our be
Her be
Err be
Come Francis Rose
Or be
Forty leave fifteen
Thrilled be
Or sought by
It for him
Or for
For him to be
When they may
They may
Shall shelter
They make
As they may be
For and to be
Nobody knows how old showers are.
Or how should hours should be.
In inlay should be
That with mean
With be
With held will then
In to be.
What is a square."

(Gertrude Stein, from: Hotel Francois 1er)


jude hat gesagt…

thumb ironing is my favorite. squares. what can i say?

Anonym hat gesagt…

Da sehe ich ja auch die kleinen Quadrate der Shwe-Shwe-Stoffe. Ich finde sie ganz schön schwer zu kombinieren, Danke für die Anregung.

Deb G hat gesagt…

They are so classic too!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Love that touch of blue!
There is something very intriguing and comforting about blue and beige's together. I am
thinking a lot about Japanese Boro and loving it.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I always piece over paper for small squares. I wish I could do without, it would be so much quicker. I just can't do straight seams without it! Loving these blues and neutrals.

Dee / Cloth Company hat gesagt…

love the word 'window' scrawled freely...

Clare Wassermann hat gesagt…

that's funny I dreamed of squares done in this way last night!