Berlin fashion/textile news

In case you´re wondering what a trendy Berlin
scarecrow is wearing this season, here´s the answer:

I met them yesterday at Domäne Dahlem (that´s
an acricultural project and museum within the
urban area...)
And, in case you´re not completely bored with them
by now, here´s my apparently irrepressible crew of
Creatures again - in the program brochure for the
upcoming Textile Art fair... (see sidebar)


Anonym hat gesagt…

Those are the best dressed scarecrows I've ever seen. Were you tempted to steal their clothes? They're wearing some very useable fabrics...

aleph hat gesagt…

This post is enchanting. Scarecrows are too rare to see where I live. Love these, so country-fashionable, and the little mices, I´m delighted. And very very glad to see again your great crew creatures... hope they´ll have a great time and a lot of fun too at the Textile Art fair. Enjoy yourselves! :)