People, especially in a big city - as troublesome as
they are fascinating, being everywhere, crowding
sidewalks and public transportation, unremittingly
moving and talking...
Now and then I think about how to capture them in
cloth. Here´s a little machine embroidery practice...

... taken with my new camera. Quite a relief...
Till now I did all photos with a phone, which worked
fine, but was a lot of hassle, too, having to catch
the right light, no close-ups...

to take care of your cell phone!
Do you know how?

The best way is to drop it in
a deep pot of chicken fat
and bring to a boil.
Simmer for two hours.
Let cool."

(James Stevenson: To People I Hear Talking
Loudly on Their Cell Phones)


jenclair hat gesagt…

I've always admired artists that can sit and sketch random city scenes because, like you, I find people interesting (if sometimes intruding in my space). Capturing the moments, however, would be so satisfying.

Your machine embroidery is moving in a that curiously fascinating direction! Very Cool!

Beate Knappe hat gesagt…

ich denke auch schon den ganzen Tag darüber nach mit der Maschine zu zeichnen - Zufälle gibts .-))

Deborah hat gesagt…

Beautiful! I also love the hearts!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Loved the poem - made me laugh. Your stitched people are very expressive.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Ha! Sometimes I think that would be true of cell phones :)
Love the "people" stitching!

Deb G hat gesagt…

Congratulations on the camera! I've always been so amazed at what you've been able to do with your phone. I pick my new camera up today and I'm so excited!

As for people, yep, we are all things. :)

La Dolce Vita hat gesagt…

I think you captured the hustle and bustle!

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks, everyone... - going to make some more I suppose - though perhaps 2´d been enough, if it´s true that one´s company + two´s a crowd (but three´s not always a party, that´s for sure... ;)