New neckwear

I´ve been playing some more with my new loop turner -
glad I bought it (on the internet, of course - when
I asked for a Streifenwender in a big department
store they had never heard of such a thing...)
Here´s one of my recently loop-turned products...

It´s over 30 degrees here all of a sudden, which made
me think of Billie Holiday singing "like a summer with
a thousand Julys" - so I machine embroidered that
on the loop, and "you intoxicate my soul with your
eyes" (which definitely is a great line...) on
the heart - and now call the thing a Jazz Neckpiece -
a happy mix of textile necklace and light summer scarf -
it´s in the shop, together with some more new things...

The poetry scarf I showed here last week is in
the shop, too - and I made this one for myself...


ArtSparker hat gesagt…

Can one do a loop de loop with a loop turner?

ger hat gesagt…

No. I said I would on monday - but it didn´t work (might be the heat...)

jude hat gesagt…

loopy i become in hot weather


Your beautiful textile jewellery and scarves are like neck comforters :o)
Have a great weekend
Carolyn x

ger hat gesagt…

Me: droopy... - neck comforters is nice, thanks, they indeed are...