As time goes by

The piece on the right, which I started somewhen
in October, has been put on hold till now, because
it occured to me it would fit nicely into a September-
October-November trio.
I might as well continue with December, January...
I might.

Three years ago my father died. So I made this little
cloth, for my mother.

"Wirf deine Angst
in die Luft

ist deine Zeit um
wächst der Himmel
unter dem Gras
fallen deine Träume
ins Nirgends

duftet die Nelke
singt die Drossel
noch darfst du lieben
Worte verschenken
noch bist du da

Sei was du bist
Gib was du hast"

(Rose Ausländer: Noch bist du da/You’re here, still)

"Throw your fear
into the air

your time is over
heaven grows
under the grass
your dreams fall
into nowhere

the carnation smells sweetly
the thrush sings
still you may love
give words away
you are here, still

Be what you are
Give what you have"

(transl. Julia Samwer)


deanna7trees hat gesagt…

"throw your fear into the air"...I love that. your pieces are beautiful as always.

Jasmine hat gesagt…

I hope you and your mother are feeling ok. Loss can take time to heal. I love your cloths. Each one holds infinite beauty xJ

jenclair hat gesagt…

Beautiful pieces, beautiful poem. I like the idea of another trio!

The blue piece you made for your mother really appeals to me. I'm also liking the rectangular shapes, Ger. :)

Els hat gesagt…

Deine "Monate" sind wirklich wunderbar! Das wird schon klappen mit den nächsten drei ;-)!
Es ist ein wunderschönes Gedicht und der Wandschmuck für deine Mutter ist sehr zart und liebevoll.
Sie wird sich darüber gefreud haben!

Clare Wassermann hat gesagt…

I am left speechless by those words and your beautiful pieces.

Christie Minchew hat gesagt…

These are all so wonderful. What is the fringe you used in the middle piece of the trio? Your compositions and colors are all so appealing.

Sweetpea hat gesagt…

'Tis all your fault, you know...that I do love that pink, quietly holding the right flank.

Good words those..."Be what you are
Give what you have"

What we have is all we have to give anyway.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I came and saw and read - and have no words of my own to add.
I will throw my fear into the air.

ger hat gesagt…

I rejoice in each + every one of these comments - thank you... (the fringe on the October piece is just a bit of pom-pom edge from a cheap - + otherwise ugly - scarf I bought for that purpose...)

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi there -
so this is what happened: My friend wanted to show me blogsearch which I had never used and put in my name. So I suddenly see the Rose Auslaender poem I translated a while ago, which is a very beautiful poem. And now you make such beautiful art and combine Rose Ausländer with your art! Wonderful, this is why I love the internet and certainly I'n glad I translated that poem. Best to you!

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks, Juliakatharina - best to you too...