The tender touch of time...

One thing I like about tea dyed fabric is how it...

.... ages and yellows ever so softly...

... as paper does...

And today I like



Carrie hat gesagt…

Thanks for that link to Hiroka Takedas work. I hated loom weaving at uni, but this makes me want to go out and buy one. Love your tea stained work, it always reminds me of sepia and memories.

Anonym hat gesagt…

time's touch is not always tender but this indeed is. so warm and soft.

kaite hat gesagt…

very gentle, and i checked out your recommendations...like seeing with freshly washed eyes.

Lisa hat gesagt…

your tea stained pieces are delightful..love the little creature in the middle.

sri threads is one of my favorite indulgences..i've picked up a couple pieces of wonderful boro from Stephen.

just putting the finishing touches on an art quilt that i hope to have up in a few days..it's been a while.

Tammie hat gesagt…

oh yes, they do look so similar and wonderful. I am also drawn to tea stained paper. I must learn to do it myself. I love what i see in your images.

Anonym hat gesagt…

today. impact of
your post =
"powerful simplicity"
like a super nova.
oops. super nova are anything
but simple.
think i'll silence my typing and get
back to your "this-es."

Lynda Howells hat gesagt…

thanks for sharing these amazing findsx lynda