A fabriclet

I like it when I see my fabrics being used
in creating things of beauty, such as this...
Quite often, though, they´re not used at all,
but just kept, and sometimes looked at, and
fondled... that´s nice, too, I appreciate it...

Here´s a little fabric booklet, or is it a
It´s just for keeping...;)

"It is very stretchy.
We know that, even if
many details remain
sketchy. It is complexly
woven. That much too
has pretty well been
proven. We are loath
to continue our lessons
which consist of slaps
as sharp and dispersed
as bee stings from
a smashed nest
when any strand snaps —

hurts working far past
the locus of rupture,
attacking threads
far beyond anything
we would have said

Kay Ryan: The Fabric of Life


kaiteM hat gesagt…

a delicate autumnal combination, your fabric and Karen's stitches, couldn't be better.

Anonym hat gesagt…

I love the little book and the words... thanks for the mention. Your fabric is a delight to work with.

Anonym hat gesagt…

what a beautiful little book/fabriclet. i have been looking at louise bourgeois' work in the book "Fabric Works" & thinking about fabric books as a way to enjoy/treasure special pieces of cloth. Your work here also inspires.

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks for coming, thanks for commenting, thanks for being friendly...;)

Lynda Howells hat gesagt…

I love your book, it is so beautiful to look at..must be great to flip through and feel all the textures. I too love making books with or with fabric. I have some of youir fabric and when l remember l will show you what l used it forxxlynda

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks, Lynda... I´d like to see it.