Back to normal (almost...)

There´s an end to everything, fortunately-
after months of unpleasant and unsettling
construction hubbub, things are showing a
tendency of moving back to normal (if such
a thing exists...) - scaffolding´s still
obscuring the view at the outside world -
not much to see there anyways than a slice
of old grey Berlin - but at least the noise
is gone. Poooh.

So, back to some serious stitching.
There´s quite a heap of wips to deal with...

For example this patient piece of long time
project, which started as a whitish scrap
collection which developed a somewhat oriental
flair, and which somewhen I´d decided to pair
with a big piece of brown linen...

Or this one, which I call Eyecatcher. It began
with a piece of fabric on which I had been - not
very successfuly - printing with an Indian wooden
textile stamp...

And this one. Which is intended to have
something to do with winter and wind - but, as
I realized after putting it together, in fact
more or less resembles that scaffolding
(last time using the word, promise to self)...

The grey-brown stripes are made of rather
wonderful, frail silk sari ribbon from Lisa.

For the rest of the year, I´m planning to show
here, without much words, some of the progress
I´ll make on the above pieces. Till then...


jude hat gesagt…

well . good to here things are settling. working on some eye catchers over at diaires, indeed eyes are all around these days. not sure what your issue is with the new blog design, set you an email.

kaiteM hat gesagt…

perhaps the remaining scaff***ing will sing to you, the one next door sang to us when the wind rose. other than that i'm pleased to hear the workmen are perhaps moving on and so you can get on with a few wips. i look forward to seeing their progress.

deanna7trees hat gesagt…

always love seeing your stitchery. glad 'normal' is rearing its head.

Lisa hat gesagt…

good to hear that life is returning to normal i'm quite partial to the piece with the grey ribbon and the white,,,one of my favorite combinations...i had to smile the way it kind of resembles the scaffolding...funny how that happens...thanks for the nod... I like the way you've opened the ribbon. i really need to stitch...

jackie hat gesagt…

Inspiration from scaffolding - so nothing is ever wasted.