These little guys have been waiting around
here patiently to get painted for a long time...

They were inspired by illustrations from an
old Propyläen world history volume - but all
all of a sudden they make me think of meerkats
(no pretty word, in comparison - in German
they´re called Erdmännchen...)

Thanks kindly for the friendly and generous
comments on the article...!!


bohemiannie! art hat gesagt…

They're quite unique and wonderful!

Velma hat gesagt…

these are fun, indeed!

ger hat gesagt…


Anonym hat gesagt…

Velleicht die erdmanner essen erdnusse?

hehe..practicing my shabby german here...

I am in Kreuzberg, for another three weeks, soooo hot today!!

montse llamas-artsandcats hat gesagt…

I can see the similarity with meerkats, standing on their two legs. So fun...!