...and a new pouch

... it´s made from a vintage doily, through which
I´ve woven sari silk ribbon from here (very versatile


Lucky stars...

...and a new scarf (in the shop soon)


Fastening together

Bits and pieces, unfinished and finished and unsatisfactory
finished small projects - I gathered several of them together
yesterday, and threw them all in the soup...

Not bad, so far...

"without care without seed pearl without stitching
closed the eye of the falcon without seemly rectitude
without the platitude of o thou muddled media pundit
without questionable doubt or metabolism without a
geographic category of speech that will travail
without a hint or glint of "secular" mastery, without
ritual framing without a theatrical sense of illusion
and bandying about or on or inside a thermosphere
without it working against you and when it does being
able to go on without it without gavottes without
gazelles that you study in neighboring Persian poetries
without spallation and without a diving bell how will
you survive? without rapacious wildcats
without the sense of security you have always expected
without your familiar stage fright without the caves without
the bombing of caves without the mystery of caves without
the caves in your memory of that mystery that lives in caves
without caves that long to exist in the hand print
in the cave of that memory without the rivets that hold
the wing together that hold the whole throbbing machine together
that assert the rivet dominion without which you do not have
a plan of fastening together of wings of arms for the automaton
that holds the capital together without its own mind of wheels
and cogs and mudras that run the show without all the pixels
and efforts of more dominion without borders to cross
without needing to carry things over borders
the invasion of your homeland (coming? coming soon?)
without it, what call in the night what call is answered
what nuance what tantrum in the night what martyrdom
of dreaming your own birth your own end of history
or end of speculation what call what alarm
is sounding deep in the home?"

(Anne Waldman: Without Stitching Closed the Eye
of the Falcon)


Wondering or: Walnut light

Wondering about what might lurk behind those subconscious
little trapdoors that open up a crack sometimes while one
is drawing aimlessly, for re-creation...;)

There´s a series of these developing, which I call "Pairs
and passers-by", adopting the title of a book from the 80s
by German writer Botho Strauß, "Paare, Passanten"...

And there´s a new fabric pack.
I don´t like dark browns much, so I did some "walnut
light". It comes with a walnut stained tag and a little
leaf print...


Prescription drugs

Meet November, December and their big sister, Adventia -
they´re the results of a short but effective "a creature
a day keeps the doctor away" cure I´d prescribed for myself...


Leafage, cabbage, (he)artworn happiness...

"Heartworn happiness, fine line that winds
among the tapestry’s old blacks and blues,
bright hair blazing in the theater,
red hair raving in the bar — as now
the little leaves shoot veils of gold
across the trees’ bones, shroud of spring,
ghost of summer, shadblow snow, blood -
russet spoor spilled prodigal on last year’s leaves...
When your yellows, greens, and yellow-greens,
your ochres and your umbers have evolved
nearly to hemlock blackness, cypress blackness,
when the woods are rife with soddenness
(unfolded ferns, skunk cabbage by the stream,
barberry by the trunks, and bitter
watercress inside the druid pool)
will your thin, still-glinting thread insist
to catch the eye in filigreed titrations
stitched along among beneath the branches,
in the branches where it lives all winter,
occulted fire, brief constant fleeting gold..."

(Jonathan Galassi: Thread)