"I can´t remember a worse December", it says in
the old Irving Berlin song, "just watch those
icicles form..."
Well, Mr. Berlin might not have known Berlin in
March (or, rather, Berlin in March might have
looked different in his days, this probably
being the reverse side of the coin of global warming,
Anyways, I sing "what do I care how much it may
storm, what do I care if icicles form..." -
I´m off to Australia via Singapore in less than
a week...

Looking forward to meeting you, everyone I´m
going to there, in case you´re reading this...


Lisa hat gesagt…

have an awesome trip....going to teach or learn or just have fun?

ger hat gesagt…

All 3... thank you!

Els hat gesagt…

Not really spring here either, although no icicles ;-)
Your piece sure looks brighter "down under"... unless you haven't decided yet, and turn it around ...
But looking better now: I see a fáce, with a slightly skew grin and a pensive eye ..... (You ??)
Happy preparations H !