November notions

Some new dyes in the shop...

"Open a window and catch a wet rainbow.
Become a line in a stranger's sketchbook.
Borrow yourself and lend to small creatures.
For this is your warm brown envelope.
For this is the time of tenderly torn promises.
Do not quarry secrets you cannot describe in numericals.
Find loss. Eat cold air. Sleep beneath gold.
Outline the movie you very slowly watched as a childhood.
Pity no one least they pity you.
Sneak passed yourself all that is queenly or official.
Hang flowers, squander nothing.
Know the quiet grey at the mouth and nose of each dim day.
Coax a strand of scarlet yarn to be your pet.
Judge only the weather with dull silver spoons.
Forgive those who squander or dig up your garden.
Remember, remember, remember."

Cathy Cullis: November, borrowed from her Nevering

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