Still kind of an emergency situation here -
plus no internet access for a while...

"The world, whatever we might think about it, terrified by
its vastness and by our helplessness in the face of it,
embittered by its indifference to individual suffering -
of people, animals, and perhaps also plants, for how can
we be sure that plants are free of suffering; whatever we
might think about its spaces pierced by the radiation of
stars, stars around which we now have begun to discover
planets, already dead? still dead? - we don't know;
whatever we might think about this immense theater,
to which we may have a ticket, but it is valid for
a ridiculously brief time, limited by two decisive
dates; whatever else we might think about this world
- it is amazing."

(Wisława Szymborska, borrowed from Whiskey River)

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Just a quick comment to say that I am still around, Ger. Good luck with your emergency issue!