Exposition in Australia

That's my piece "Possum Paper Dream", on the right, which
has been touring through Australia for a while already
with "Exposition" – now shown at the Mundaring Arts Center.

It was the "special" project in progress a glimpse of
which I'd posted here back in April.

The online gallery of the exhibition is here...


Judy Martin hat gesagt…

I am intrigued by this piece. It looks amazing.
I followed your links and am wondering about the paper table cloth you are using. I don't think we have these in Canada...

Congratulations on the exhibition!

Debbie hat gesagt…

Amazing piece, as were the other pieces on exhibit, a pity the images didn't come with accompanying names.

Heike Gerbig hat gesagt…

Thank you. I'd think they sell disposable tablecloth in Canada too, Judy. Here it's available in rolls as well as in precut pieces of various sizes - I prefer the rolled, it can be easily taken apart into handy 40 x 40 cm squares - an interesting material... Did you give it a try since April, Debbie?