Pink does not stink

As you might know, I'm an ardent plant dyer,
having – so I came to realize – a severe habit
of looking down my nose at anything not plant dyed.
That's reason no.1 for introducing commercial low
impact textile dyes into my practice.
Reason no. 2 is that I feel increasingly allergic
against the smells of some plant dye stuff (boiled
alkana lately, for example – had to throw it all
away unused because I couldn't stand it...)

So it will be fusion dye here from now on.

A selection of pinks, done that way, is in the shop...


Liz Ackert hat gesagt…

I know what you mean about the allergic reactions to some dyestuffs ... always, of course, to those things that also yield the most intriguing results. I've resigned myself to photographing great results before putting them into the washing machine, which inevitably reduces both allergens and color.

Heike Gerbig hat gesagt…

Must be a lovely photo collection... - thanks for commenting, Liz