... in autumn...

...and more than halfway done in developing
sort of a prototype for at least one aspect
of where I aim to go with weaving:
two sisters (a third is still in the making
on my little Ashford loom...)

What I found out so far is that I'm not into
wool, and not into big fat knotted tassels and
that kind of thing. I'm into patchwork (still,
of course;) – and my material of choice is
dyed cotton...

...and hemp yarn, with its interesting
character of unsoft and irregular, its knots and twists...


Debbie hat gesagt…

Love the weavings, I prefer weaving with silk, cotton, hemp and nettle, lovely textures and recently linen which is also great to weave with.

Heike Gerbig hat gesagt…

Thanks Debbie... yes, linen is on my list, too.