Saturday notes

The Sew Somerset Winter 2016 issue is out – with an
article by me, about creating handmade notebooks...

And here's a piece of – somewhat textile related –
"random poetry" I wrote the other day:

A smart dress.
A bump and crash survived.
Time past from time.

Pages being turned.
Patches being ripped
from time, patch by patch:

Exhibits of my mind,
nicely patterned
with softly
ageing skin.

Great clouds

I call these "random poetry" because I make them
by randomly cutting small vertical strips from different
books, then take (most of) the words I find and rearrange
them into a poem/micro-story of my own.

More examples are on my Tumblr site...


Maelchen hat gesagt…

Hallo liebe Heike, herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Veröffentlichung bei Somerset & Co. ich kann es verstehen! Deine Sachen sind so wunderbar in ihrer puristischen Einfachheit!
Liebe Grüße von Manu

Heike Gerbig hat gesagt…

Danke, Manu. Die ornamentale Vielgestaltigkeit kann aber auch wunderbar sein...;)