Wort zum Sonntag: Lord, what would you do, if you were me and I was you?

Straßenranderinnerung an einen erinnerungswürdigen Songtext:

I saw a picture yesterday
In a mens room near L.A.,
Lying on the floor beside the throne.
Had I not recognized the cross
I might have failed to know the Boss,
I thought, Lord, you look neglected and alone...

I picked it up with lovin care,
I wondered who had placed it there,
When l saw there was no paper on the roll.
I said, Lord, what would you do
If you were me and I was you:
Take a chance, save your pants or your soul ?

Then a voice said:
Kinky, its Jesus here, you know that I aint no square.
Well, Ive got these pictures of me,
I mean statues, you know, they´re everywhere.
Well, I may seem I come from Liverpool.
And then on the other hand I may come from France,
But if you dont get off that toilet, well, Im just gonna have to dance.

I saw a picture yesterday in a mens room near L.A...

(Kinky Friedman: Mens Room, L.A.)

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