Bright lights, big city

Added, for good measure, a
bright lights big city border
to this spirit cloth-style
border experiment from Nov. 4

It´ll be a present, hence the
somewhat extended colour range...

"The experience of leaving
one category for another,
of smooth being colder
than rough and of
that December I suffer
as the experience of leaving
one category for another,
using life that way
that opens and stops
moving, done,
furtively waving
as with one month
that opens and stops
among the others,
waiting and waking
in a place which seems filled
with restrained abilities
that experience that
has never seemed to me
to arrive before night
except as the need
to want to live
and want to be dead,
using a life that way,
face first, name gone,
and coming to
among a rival's things"

(Geoffrey G. O´Brien: Mixed Mode)


Threadspider hat gesagt…

I do love that Big City border. Reminds me of how tiny the buildings in London looked drom the top floor of the hotel we stayed in on Wednesday.
And thank you for the link to whiskey river-great reading there and an idea that has been floating in my head for some time now.

jude hat gesagt…

fabulous , really, and the colors are great.....