Finished (sort of...)

The basket full of unfinished things
got too paralysing at last, so I had
a determined go at the ex-summer quilt...


handstitching some more details
by and by

For the lyrics of the day, go
visit Whiskeyriver, where today´s
poem is about DAYS like these - but
"cold and bright, heavy with snow and
the thick masonry of ice" - not as
Berlin days are: grey, gloomy, lolling
about irresolutely at +5...


Paula Hewitt hat gesagt…

beautiful- i love the colours and look forward to seeing more stitching details

Eva hat gesagt…

Wie bedeutend die Buntfarben wirken, wenn man sie in einem gedeckten Umfeld einzeln auftreten lässt! Der Effekt ist beinahe dramatisch.

jude hat gesagt…

i love all your work lately. there is such a gentleness about it.

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks for your lovely comments...