A sky of baby blue

It actually was like that, for a couple
of hours...

Some progress on the piece I call
Flesh & Blood

I used seam parts of an old shirt once
, sewing them onto white linen -
which reminded me of bark - which reminded
me of Johnny Cash´s song "Flesh and Blood":
"I leaned against a bark of birch
And I breathed the honey dew.
I saw a northbound flock of geese,
Against a sky of baby blue.
Beside the lily pads,
I carved a whistle from a reed.
Mother Nature´s quite a lady,
but you´re the one I need..."

Then I found a piece of green-blue-
yellow-pink silk which Glennis at Shibori
sent me last year (thanks again, in case
you´re reading...) and made some of it into
sprouts, growing from the barren ground...


jude hat gesagt…

this is so wonderful. i love the seams. your little pieces always brighten my day.

jenclair hat gesagt…

Another lovely! And Johnny Cash, too!

Eva hat gesagt…

The colours are ever so subtle!

ArtSparker hat gesagt…

I do like how you connect word and image...These echoes are so satisfying. Also, the shoots seem to be protected, which is lovely.

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks everybody...

Anonym hat gesagt…

i did happen to stop by and just happened to see your little sprouts! i like the subtlety of the silk colors with the neutral background!