Sticken mit Freude

Did some stitching experiments,
inspired by illustrations in "Sticken mit
Freude" (Embroidery with Fun), a thrift store
book from the 70s, and made a tote from it...

By the way: A while ago I posted a link to Advanced Style,
saying one doesn´t see much of that kind of style
in Berlin. But we do have Stil in Berlin (it features youngish people though), so:
Hooded-sweatshirts/ridiculous-pants/wool-caps-indoors capital
- or Queen of Style...?

And here´s proof that it is possible to write
interesting poems (with or without metre...) about clothes...

"Mother and Dad are up with the light. As in most marriages,
one walks slightly ahead, and with their two sets of eyes
they enter the outside world, drive to the mall, and find
racks of clothing on sale. Dad admires a pair of lightweight
outdoor shoes. Mother puts them back, saying that he can
have them when it’s warmer. She buys me a bathrobe
the color of moss. Vigilant, a couple patrols its territory.

In the afternoon, Dad comes downstairs and says, "Katherine,
there are no clothes in my closet." Mother goes up to the bedroom,
and, sure enough, only two or three things dangle on hangers.
She searches high and low and finally finds his clothes in the eaves.
In an unremembered moment, he had opened the Alice in Wonderland
door and draped them in there. What was going through his head?
He loves his clothes so much, he returns to them many times each day.
Perhaps he thought they were in danger, and, like a mother cat,
moved them to a safer spot."

(Nancy Lagomarsino: Untitled)


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I love these little experiments! Soft and beautiful...

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