You need a tree...

... at least you need a spring stick

Last month Susan at Artsparktheatre
offered 3 "spring sticks" - and kindly
sent one to me to plant/place it. Here it is:

I took some pearls and a pompon from it,
as "seeds"...

... and made one myself, with a felt earring
I found in the subway... (2 more are in the
works). I´m going to plant them at places in
Berlin which could do with some re-spiriting
(not hard to find...)

So stay tuned for the planting reports...

"was brauchst du? einen Baum ein Haus zu
ermessen wie groß wie klein das Leben als Mensch
wie groß wie klein wenn du aufblickst zur Krone
dich verlierst in grüner üppiger Schönheit
wie groß wie klein bedenkst du wie kurz
dein Leben vergleichst du es mit dem Leben der Bäume
du brauchst einen Baum du brauchst ein Haus
keines für dich allein nur einen Winkel ein Dach
zu sitzen zu denken zu schlafen zu träumen
zu schreiben zu schweigen zu sehen den Freund
die Gestirne das Gras die Blume den Himmel"

(Friederike Mayröcker: was brauchst du)

"what do you need? a tree a house to
gauge how great how small our human life
how great how small when you look up to the top of the tree
and get lost in the lush luxuriant green
how great how small when you think how short
your life compared with the life of trees
you need a tree you need a house
not all for yourself just a corner a roof
to sit to think to sleep to dream
to write to be silent to see your friend
the stars grass flower sky"


Anonym hat gesagt…

this is a wonderful idea. I particularly like your idea of taking some seeds to make your own. I am looking forward to seeing where you plant them. i might even do this myself.
i like the poem too.

Anonym hat gesagt…

They are so wonderful! But do you really want to part from these beauties? The many public places in Berlin that need re-spiriting are well taken care of people you fight beauty whereever they see it. So the sprigs could be destroyed or stolen...I appreciate your generousity in sharing your art but as "collector" I can't stand the idea of the sprigs getting lost.

jenclair hat gesagt…

As Paula mentioned, this is a wonderful idea! Maybe attach the poem and a note about seedlings to each one...

ArtSparker hat gesagt…

Hello -

Loved having my work connected with this wonderful poem, and glad I provided seeds. The poem reminds me of this song


ger hat gesagt…

Thanks for enjoying the idea and the sticks... they might of course get taken away (and perhaps planted somewhere else - in public or in someone´s room or garden...) or even destroyed - so what? I´ve too been thinking of attaching a note with information about the idea behind it... And, C., I can make one for you to keep, if you like...

Threadspider hat gesagt…

It's a lovely thing to give art away-what a thoughtful gesture Ger.I bet there will be at least one more smile in Berlin when it is found.