Another small "journey" in progress -
it´s tea-dyed cotton (and a piece of
t-shirt-sleeve from the clumsiness-
pile) on linen, the writing
- "all is riverrun, meeting, a brief
journey together, dissolution..." (found
this line in River of Gods by Ian McDonald,
amazing book...) - stitched with tea-dyed
thin chrochet yarn

"I chart the psyche,
observing how I
force myself to speak
to you, imagining that
together we might
transform a life.

Why this need
to document change,
to reverse a mood,
to carry forward the time
when magnolias bloom?

Let’s follow the itinerant we
up and over the jonquil's back,
treading on its spilled bullion."

(Sally Van Doren: April)


Joei Rhode Island hat gesagt…

Such soft colors....and such deep poetry. Your site always makes me think...and look .... and consider.
Thank you

ger hat gesagt…

That´s a big compliment, Joei - thanks to you, too...

Anonym hat gesagt…

You are inspiring me to read poetry on a regular basis again.

And the texture in your picture is just wonderful.

ger hat gesagt…

Thank you ... - I haven´t been much into poetry until a while ago, but then discovered how well it matches with the blog/diary-medium, how wonderful they can support each other