A special treat, like sundays

... although sundays aren´t very special
days, or are they...?
Anyways, a treat (for myself): Riverrun completed...
It´s about 37 x 37 cm
(click photo to enlarge it...)

"I thought things wouldn’t slide
But the whole world slides and quivers
And into your eyes the sunlight
Flows, like those rivers

that abandon themselves
To the sea. I thought that water
Was a special treat, like Sundays.
You couldn’t be wetter;

We lived there once and took
Our gills for granted.
I think all fish are birds, the sea a sky.
All mammals myth, pliant, love-haunted."

(Luke Davies: Slide)


ArtSparker hat gesagt…

It's a miniature topography, maybe showing flood plains (tea stains)?

the poem is extraordinary, I suppose since human beings are so in-between - perhaps that is the reason we are always trying to get the world to conform into a home.

Anonym hat gesagt…

How wonderful this must be to hold, so much texture.

Love the poem. I often want to slip into the water and be without weight, cradled....

ger hat gesagt…

Thanks - it IS wonderful to hold...
A poet must be a very talented one I suppose who can describe this being in-between, half way from primordial soup to civilization, in a few words...

jude hat gesagt…

a treat for me too. although i missed it on sunday, it is a special monday.

ger hat gesagt…

Thank you, Jude. It just flying-carpeted into monday I guess...