How does sleep smell

Clumsy´s growing ...

"manchmal fallen Wörter aus den Fenstern
oder es regnet in den Büchern
dann tagelang nichts
und immer beim Aufwachen die Frage
wie Schlaf riecht"

(Sabina Naef: manchmal fallen wörter aus den fenstern/
sometimes words fall from windows)

sometimes words fall from windows
or it rains inside books
then nothing for days
and always on waking
the question
how does sleep smell
(transl. by A. Lawrence)


Joei Rhode Island hat gesagt…

So many of your poems I've not heard of prior. Is this a German poet? What is the name of the book this is in? I *love* it. I'm presuming there is an English translation....my German is pfffft.

ger hat gesagt…

Hi Joei! Sabina Naef is Swiss, born 1974 in Luzern, but now lives in Berlin. You can find more of her poems, with english translations, at www.lyrikline.org

ArtSparker hat gesagt…

What a gentle synesthesia in the verse, like a quieter version of Baudelaire's "Correspondances".

jude hat gesagt…